Avian Solar Work Group

ASWG convened a panel discussion at the 2020 conference of The Wildlife Society, featuring presentations from several researchers whose projects were supported by ASWG. A summary of that symposium will be posted soon.

The Avian Wind Wildlife Institute is convening a three-day virtual solar and natural resources research symposium December 1-3, 2021.  ASWG is a sponsor of this event and members are actively engaged in planning. Topics will include:

  • Evaluating and Mitigating Impacts on Wildlife and Their Habitats
  • Land Management and Wildlife Compatibility
  • Water Resource Management
  • Solar Life-Cycle and Natural Resource Considerations

Registration is now open!

ASWG & Member Facilitated Research

ASWG members established a set of seven research topics of interest. We then worked with the academic community to define and elaborate on these priorities, as described in our more detailed Research Framework.  

ASWG has provided support letters, research funding, site access and technical advisory capacity to support research identified in our Framework.

Projects we've supported include:

  • Multi-partner research on the "lake effect," funded by California Energy Commission (2017)
  • Research by Argonne National Laboratory on cutting-edge monitoring and machine learning, funded by Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technology Office (SETO) (2019)
  • Research by UCLA to genetically characterize "feather spots" to understand avian demographic effects, funded by SETO (2019)
  • Research by the University of Illinois to evaluate pollinator plantings at large-scale solar installations (2020)

ASWG Formation Press Release: September 15, 2015

Additional Information

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In 2017, the ASWG and the Multi-Agency Collaborative Working Group co-hosted a research symposium to discuss science‑based research on avian‑solar interactions.

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